OEM&Lieferant Ausgabe 1/2023

102 Standardized HPC Diagnostics with SOVD With the arrival of the high-performance PCs, new diagnostic tasks are being integrated in the vehicle: The HPC provides onboard diagnostics, function diagnostics and also – as it facilitates a connection to the Internet – the interface for conventional Electronic Control Units (ECUs). From the point of view of the external analysis tools, this procedure represents a considerably higher quality of information, as a lot of information is already pre-filtered, aggregated and evaluated before transmission takes place. Such a diagnostic interface is not only of interest to OEMs, but also to numerous other parties: manufacturers of HPCs, ECUs and testers as well as fleet operators, testing organizations, insurance companies and legislators. The standardization of the interface thus stands to reason. This is currently taking place at ASAM e.V. under the name SOVD (Service Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics) and is already available as a Version 1.0. The aim is to define an interface which allows diagnostics on a vehicle, for example in a repair shop (proximity), via remote access or as a tester directly in the vehicle (in-vehicle). As many existing technologies and standards as possible should be used and combined to simplify standardization and subsequent implementation. IT and Automotive Starting the HPC Diagnostics of Tomorrow Today By Markus Steffelbauer, Head of Product Management at Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH Vehicles are becoming ever smarter due to increasing digitalization. And that means they need correspondingly more processing power than can be provided by today’s ECUs. High-performance computers (HPCs) are being integrated into the vehicle so as not to further increase the complexity of the E/E systems and the demands made of vehicle-internal communication. The integration of the HPCs and the connection to the Internet are enabling a new form of diagnostics. This is accomplished with SOVD, the diagnostic standard of tomorrow. With the Smart Diagnostic Engine, Softing currently has a function-oriented diagnostic runtime environment in use which already makes it possible to solve these new diagnostic tasks today. Images: © Softing Automotive