Unternehmen&Trends Digitalausgabe 01/2022

Founded in 1996, the COSMO CONSULT Group is one of the world‘s leading providers of Microsoft-based industry solutions and end-to-end business solutions. The company has more than 1,300 employees at 46 locations around the world, 16 of which are in Germany. Its comprehensive portfolio of products and consulting services allows the software and consulting company to cover complex business processes seamlessly regardless of which sector is involved. Its solutions are based on the Microsoft Technology Stack, which includes platforms for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationshipmanagement (CRM), data and analytics and “Modern Workplace”. With common data management and this unified technology as the basis, made-to-fit holistic solutions are built that forge a connection between disparate apps, departments, locations and supply chains. For digital business models, new products and increased efficiency in processes, intelligent technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and mixed reality are playing a more and more important role. COSMO CONSULT, working together with well-known industry partners, helps companies with digital transformation and develops forward-looking solutions in the automation and data exchange technologies for manufacturing known in Germany as “Industry 4.0“. However, digital transformation is not an end in itself. Every project’s success depends above all on the people involved. It is people who work with the new technologies. It is for people that the modern, digital environment creates new opportunities. That is why Business Consulting is one of the fastest growing business areas of the COSMO CONSULT Group. Business designers and business consultants ensure that digital Image: © COSMO CONSULT transformation projects are implemented successfully. They ensure that the people in the company understand the changes, transform how they think and make the change to digital work in the long term. COSMO CONSULT‘s solutions are used by the traditional medium-sized companies of Germany’s famous Mittelstand as well as by large international corporations and by innovative start-ups in the e-commerce sector. Consulting that makes projects successful COSMO CONSULT takes a holistic approach to projects. The aim is to make sure digital processes, corporate culture and ways of working all fit together. All projects are therefore accompanied by a comprehensive range of consulting services dedicated to process optimization or to management of change, projects and organization. In other consulting packages, the focus is on special IT issues, quality management, risk management or financial management. COSMO CONSULT’s consultants develop concrete recommendations for action, independent of the respective IT projects. As an international group, COSMO CONSULT is active in China, Latin America and many European countries. This means that it can make the best of its intercultural advantages as well. Consulting for digital transformation projects is one particularly important aspect, because there is much more to going digital than just „technology“. Going digital is a question of a never- ending process of change, which is decisive for a company’s ability to deal with future challenges and maintain competitiveness. Many companies are now having to rethink their processes and business models in order to take them digital. The digital consulting approach of COSMO CONSULT therefore begins with a comprehensive analysis of the company’s digital maturity level. Building on this information, COSMO CONSULT’s consultants develop a company-specific vision, concrete goals and a digital roadmap that shows the path to digital transformation. The topics involved include concrete strategies for moving to the cloud and cost-optimized license management. COSMO CONSULT’s business consultants, with their many years of professional experience, also bring interdisciplinary skills to the table. They are proficient in both traditional and agile methods of implementation. Another very useful component is the practical experience that COSMO CONSULT gained during its own digital transformation, and which it now shares with its customers as a specialist in the field. Advertisement Berlin | Bielefeld | Bremen | Dresden | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Cologne | Leipzig | Magdeburg | Mannheim | Munic | Münster | Neumark | Nuremberg | Stuttgart | Würzburg France | Austria | Sweden | Switzerland| Spain | Rumenia | Hungary | Chile | Ecuador | Columbia | Mexico | Panama | Peru | Hongkong | China Industry Solutions https://t1p.de/1z2n Business Solutions https://t1p.de/wotp Consulting https://t1p.de/8xug COSMO CONSULT Group Schoeneberger Straße 15 10963 Berlin Phone +49 (0) 30 343815-0 info@cosmoconsult.com www.cosmoconsult.com 26