OEM & Lieferant - Ausgabe 2/2022

86 fleXstructures GmbH Trippstadter Straße 110 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany Contact: E-mail: ips.pr@flexstructures.de Phone: +49 631 680 39 360 Homepage: flexstructures.com Virtual Showroom: flexstructures.virtualcongress.events/index.php?ev=3 The challenge of fitting kilometers of cable and hose systems into increasingly smaller design spaces, taking into account functions and weight, and optimizing and testing the installation on the virtual vehicle, requires a physically correct digital representation of these flexible components. With IPS software, these tasks can be solved virtually and accurately in real time for the first time. Processes that previously took weeks or months can be optimized. Using these software solutions has become an indispensable part of the product development process for modern vehicles. More than a hundred vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and service providers worldwide already rely on fleXstructuresʼ solutions. As a leader in 3D mechanical design of flexible components, fleXstructures helps the industry streamline its processes, save hardware and reduce development costs. Fields of application: Model-based wiring system development Design, optimization, and virtual validation of flexible components such as cables, hoses, grommets, and bellows in product development Comprehensive application from concept design to assembly planning and after-sales Solutions and expertise: Real-time 3D mechanical design of flexible components. Accurate design of moving components and consideration of dynamic effects Validated results by including material properties of cables and hoses Tolerance and installation space analyses Virtual Reality Geometry models courtesy of Caresoft Global. fleXstructures GmbH MAKE IT FLEXIBLE – Realistic wiring harness and hose design in real-time for the digital development process