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Furthermore, system administrators have centralized role and rights management. By linking certain functions to roles, it can be ensured that only authorized employees can perform certain functions, such as vehicle programming. A feedback mechanism integrated in the tester also contributes to the continuous improvement of service and maintenance processes as well as tester functions. In this process, diagnostic content creators have access to a wealth of information and can upload finished tester projects to the system at the touch of a button. Diagnostic procedures, operating steps, images and videos as well as repair and maintenance instructions are thus finally released. And the rollout of the software to repair shops can be controlled precisely. The latest software versions and diagnostic content are thus made available systematically. Central Data Platform for Digital Transformation in After-Sales By using a cloud-based data platform with IT backend connection, software updates and diagnostic content can be updated and rolled out centrally. As a component in the TDX tool suite, Softing TDX.server is a comprehensive solution for aggregating data from different sources. In this way, all relevant information, such as user log-in information, documents, software statuses and versions as well as user and customer feedback, can be stored centrally and linked in a database. The digitalization and networking of all relevant processes and data in after-sales can increase the efficiency and quality of service and repair processes, reduce costs and significantly improve the satisfaction of service technicians in the field and ultimately of end customers. Find out more about Softing TDX Central Data Platform for Digital Transformation in After-Sales Active Directory CRM (e.g., Salesforce) TDX.workshop TDX.studio TDX.workshop Engineering/Test TDX projects INTERN (Intranet) EXTERN (Internet) ERP e.g. contact data e.g. serial numbers e.g. authentication TDX Server TDX projects TDX projects Leading the way with Sandler nonwovens – in sustainability, electromobility and driving comfort. High-performance, extremely lightweight, and adaptable solutions for the mobility industry. Many years of expertise make us a competent development partner that can offer a wide range of products from a single source. Reliable acoustic insulation with nonwoven sound absorbers not only creates optimum driving comfort. It also contributes to the safety of the occupants by providing a quiet driving environment without distractions. Effective thermal insulation with nonwovens contributes to temperature regulation and reduces the use of air conditioning and heating. For comfort and reduced energy consumption. Durable nonwoven media efficiently filter pollutants, allergens, and particles from the air or from fuels and other liquids. A contribution to the protection of the occupants and the engine. Lightweight upholstery nonwovens adapt flexibly to any seat geometry. For a comfortable drive even on long journeys. Excellence in Mobility sandler-group.com Insulate in acoustics and construction Insulate in industry and mobility Filter Upholster e360° Europe 2024 al trade fair for Electric & Autonomous Mobility r 2024, Messe München, Entrance East Technology & B2B Europe Cooperation partners By