Unternehmen&Trends Digitalausgabe 01/2022

33 COSMO CONSULT Group www.cosmoconsult.com Share what digital transformation is really about is: people. A question of culture In fact, the awareness that it‘s all about the people has, meanwhile, taken hold. After all, it is the people in the companies who are themselves implementing the digital transformation. Their creativity, their passion is what makes digital tools strong in the first place. And of course, uncertainty is also a deeply human aspect. Many feel out of their depth or are even afraid of not being able to find their way around in a new work environment but a working concept for digital transformation aims to prevent precisely that. Success or failure is determined by whether you manage to take the fears and concerns of everyone involved seriously. The real challenge is actually much greater: You have to inspire people. Eliminating fears is only the first step. And that makes it quite obvious that digitization is first and foremost a mindset and attitude question. A commitment to a concept of work that puts people at the center. This affects the entire corporate culture. The employees who drive digital transformation are not mere resources. They are creative people with their own goals, desires and talents. This idea is not that new: In a world with major challenges for the future, it has always been creative ideas that have formed the basis for business success. The decisive point Technology also plays an important role. In a sense, it is the cause of the re-evaluation of the human aspect in the first place. Digital tools are not simply modern versions of old familiar solutions. They have brought new ideas, new work concepts, entirely new business areas into play and, at the same time, they provide precisely the framework needed to unleash and foster human creativity. A good example of this is mobile solutions, which make it possible to work from any location and at any time. This meets the need of many people to work independently, which is one of the basic requirements for any creative activity. Yet technology has no value in itself. The technological revolution that is driving the digital transformation cannot have any effect without people. Its significance lies solely in creating free spaces that help people to achieve self-realization in their work. That is the crucial point. At the same time, it is the great opportunity inherent in the digital revolution. People are at the heart of it. That‘s what it‘s all about – having fun at work and working together in an inspiring and creative way. Company Profile ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für ServiceInformationssysteme mbH Ingolstädter Strasse 45 80807 Munich, Germany Phone: +49 89 2444209-0 office@servicexpert.de www.servicexpert.de/en For more than 20 years, ServiceXpert has been the system and software house for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and their supplier industry in Germany and Europe. We see ourselves as a service provider who always follows an entire approach from the development of a vehicle or product up to the after sales service. As an established engineering partner for electric/electronic development, we focus on model-based function development and embedded sof tware development (with AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive) as well as testing and integration up to the entire vehicle and are continuously growing in the future domains of e-mobility, autonomous driving and connectivity. With their specific know-how, our experts act in the role of a diagnostic competence partner with innovative solutions and a structured approach as an interface between OEM and supplier and contribute to quality and process optimisation of the value chain. Our diagnostic specialists advise and support their customers in the selection and implementation of comprehensive diagnostic solutions and applications (onboard / remote (OTA) / offboard). Out IT systems development team has been planning, implementing and operating technical information systems for manufacturers for over two decades. With this long experience, our engineers develop modular information platforms (content containers) and mobile applications, which are efficiently tailored to client´s requirements. The solutions always reflect state-of-the-art technologies. Advertisement Zeiterfassung und Zutritts- kontrolle in Bestform. Smartphone statt Ausweis. Einfach mit dem Smartphone buchen Ihr Smartphone haben Ihre Mitarbeiter garantiert immer dabei, der Ausweis wird schon mal vergessen. Und ganz gleich ob Sie mit dem Smartphone, einem RFID-Medium oder biometrisch mit dem Finger buchen – mit uns haben Sie die Wahl. www.dormakaba.de/Mobile-Access