OEM&Lieferant 2/2023

104 Mechanics and mechatronics engineers are not always absolutely up to date regarding the latest maintenance and repair procedures due to a lack of or inadequate tools, processes and training. And the acute, ever greater shortage of skilled workers is hardly helpful in this already difficult situation! In future, the effective and efficient detection and remedying of the causes of faults in vehicles will no longer be possible without the right expertise and highly specialized skills. Remote expert support is an effective way of closing the immense gap between what is actually required and the expertise available locally. The remote expert approach provides considerable help in facilitating collaboration in after-sales service when it comes to solving technical problems. Service technicians working on the vehicle on site can establish virtual contact with specialists and obtain instructions from afar, particularly in the case of complex issues. The fact that the technician is getting help from a remote expert means that possible causes of error can be found and also remedied more quickly. Furthermore, remote support can also help when it comes to deciding on an appropriate measure, e.g. whether to have something repaired or replaced. The expert could well have suggestions for such unclear situations which lead to the fault being solved with less effort. Even a complete procedure, such as ECU parameterization or a software update for which the local service technician is not qualified, can be carried out by the remote expert – monitored by the local service technician for safety reasons. And training sessions and workshops for mechanics can thus also be run directly – digitally and regardless of the location – using the diagnostic solution. This remote expert support thus helps to make corporate processes more efficient, establish service-oriented business models in after-sales, avoid costly travel, and ultimately save considerable time and money. Remote expert support is already integrated in the Softing TDX after-sales diagnostic solution. The service tester Softing TDX supports technicians with innovative repair processes and sequences as well as suitable documents, such as photos, video tutorials and manuals, which are a help when it comes to repairs. These are shown directly in the tool to suit the particular situation or problem. Due to the rapidly evolving technologies and changing conditions, it is essential to keep the after-sales solution as well as the repair processes and instructions up to date at all times. This is always the case in Softing TDX thanks to the cloud-based approach. Further information on Softing TDX Remote Expert Support Defying the Shortage of Skilled Workers with Remote Expert Support The Support that Helps Technicians Solve Complex Vehicle Problems By Julian Mayer, Product Manager at Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH Modern vehicles are becoming more and more dynamic with increasing digitalization as well as thanks to data- and software-driven developments. For some time now, vehicle functions have been realized beyond the “vehicle system boundary”. With new vehicle architectures, the maintenance and repair processes of coming vehicle generations are going to become increasingly complex and pose immense challenges for both repair shops and mobile service teams. Image: © Softing Automotive