OEM&Lieferant Ausgabe 2/2021

110 In 1977, Elektro Noehmer was awarded the contract for the expansion of cable television (at that time via coaxial cabling) across two local areas; six other regions were added over the years. Today, the cable operation under the brand name “Cablevision” offers more than 400 programs, including a local news channel. The competencies acquired and subsequently developed as a cable op- erator – from laying cables to offering TV and Internet services – have laid the foun- dation for rapid growth in the wake of fiber optic cables. From March 2020 to May 2021 – the com- pany grew from 28 to 86 employees. Today, about ten times as many contracts are signed – around 100 per week compared to ten per week in the previous year, reports Stefan Koenig, who joined Elektro Noehmer as Pro- cess Manager in March 2020. This kind of growth can really only be handled with mod- ern process management. The processes must be so simple and clearly structured that new employees can be quickly onboarded. Document management promotes growth During the software selection process, a DMS extension module of their BMD accounting solution was considered. But in Stefan Koenig‘s view, this option lacked flexibility and modern design. A project man- agement system with a DMS component was also considered, which offered some other options, but would also have meant a lot of in-house development. The Autho- rized DocuWare Partner adminIQ GmbH ( https://t1p.de/yeiu ), lo cated near Linz, Austria, was able to present the right mix of forward-thinking technology, preconfigured workflows and numerous existing reference customers ( https://t1p.de/s9pv ). After choosing the cloud based DocuWare solution ( https://t1p.de/20xd ) in April 2020, the first step was to capture incoming invoices ( https://t1p.de/98iq ) el ectroni- cally as well as approve and process them via DocuWare inbox. This important step on the way to a paperless office was com- pleted within a few weeks. At the end of May 2020, the Process Manager focused on the central operational workflows of the company, which today sees itself as a lead- ing provider of fiber optic Internet across much of Austria. It’s all about managing Internet contracts, which Noehmer has been concluding as if on an assembly line since 2020. In the central document pool ( https:// t1p.de/1pie ), al l existing contracts, many of which were handwritten, were first scanned in, with about 50 percent of the in- dex data being read automatically and the rest having to be added manually afterwards. In this way, the approximately 4,000 old contracts have been digitized and can be found in a matter of seconds. Today, the sales department enters new Internet con- tracts using a tablet and a web form ( https:// t1p.de/qq9j ), w hich is then archived electronically. Fast troubleshooting thanks to DMS The digital contract archive is linked to the software ( https://t1p.de/cu93 ) O PEN- Service, a solution used at Noehmer for pro- viding Internet connections. Via Doc-ID, the customer contract managed in DocuWare is linked to the operational processes in OPENService, from provisioning or config- uration of the connection to billing. Digital contract management makes the process transparent and indicates, for example, if a connection modem is still not online after three days. The cause is immediately investigated and the problem rectified. DocuWare is also involved in the process of acquiring new customers for the Inter- net provider: By comparing the data with the property data from the Austrian Federal Office for Weights and Measures, it is possible to see which households in a newly developed residential area do not yet have a connection and can consequently be assigned to sales representatives as leads. In this way, the DMS supports the company‘s strong sales dynamics and rapid growth. IT and Automotive Transparent processes for rapid growth By Friedrich Koopmann, Freelancer At Austrian cable operator and Internet provider Elektro Noehmer, digital processes are replacing paper-based work. Digital contract management makes the provisioning process for Internet connections transparent, so they can always stay on top of the nearly one hundred new contracts finalized each week. Images: © Noehmer GmbH DocuWare GmbH https://t1p.de/1pie Share Stefan Koenig, Process Manager for Elektro Noehmer, uses DocuWare to create transparent processes for rapid Internet expansion. DocuWare Cloud plays a central role in digitizing the processes of this fast-growing Internet pro- vider.