OEM & Lieferant Ausgabe 2/2019 - OEM & Supplier 2/2019 by VEK Publishing

Business software for people ... is the guiding principle of COSMO CONSULT. As a provider of Microsoft-based industry and business solutions for companies in the manu- facturing, service and retail industries, we think entrepreneurially, act with foresight, and strive for holistic, practicable and useful solutions that can be implemented and maintained as simply, quickly and securely as possible. For us it is important that software is a tool that is made for people. And it is the people who de- termine the success of a company. In addition to implementation and system management, we offer a wide range of consulting services that ensure that the software is not only imple- mented in a company, but also part of com- pany life. IT among equals COSMO CONSULT has over 20 years of experi- ence with the introduction and support of company solutions. In addition to ERP and in- dustry solutions, our product spectrum in- cludes a wide range of special solutions, busi- ness intelligence and CRM systems as well as Office and portal solutions. We see it as our task to digitally transform workplaces and business processes and do so with technology that is geared toward human beings. COSMO CONSULT relies on the pioneering technology of Microsoft Dynamics . In all of this, however, we never forget that IT services are first and foremost about partnership-based cooperation and solutions that you can rely on in the here and now. New ideas for your digital company The digital transformation is not only a trend for the future, but a process that already deter- mines the future viability and competitiveness of companies. The digital transformation also involves a change of perspective – from single solutions for separate tasks to holistic sol- utions, which intelligently support and link company processes. One example of this is COSMO CONSULT’s “Industry 4.0” solution scenario, which was awarded the INNO- VATIONSPREIS-IT prize, in which real-time data from machines, components and tools are synchronized directly with the ERP system via tags and sensors. The path to the future We would be happy to advise you about the many opportunities that are available to you through the use of modern business software solutions. Just contact us – we look forward to talking with you about how your company can benefit from pioneering software tech- nologies. COSMO CONSULT Group Schoeneberger Str. 15 10963 Berlin Phone +49 30 343815-0 info@cosmoconsult.com www.cosmoconsult.com Anzeige Berlin | Bielefeld | Bremen | Dresden | Hamburg | Köln | Leipzig | Magdeburg | München | Münster | Neumark | Nürnberg | Stuttgart | Würzburg Frankreich | Österreich | Schweden | Schweiz | Spanien | Chile | Ecuador | Kolumbien | Mexico | Panama | Peru Online-Service COSMO CONSULT Industry Solutions COSMO CONSULT Business Solutions COSMO CONSULT Consulting 168