OEM & Lieferant Ausgabe 2/2019 - OEM & Supplier 2/2019 by VEK Publishing

OEM & Supplier Online – Interactive Directory for the automotive and supplier industry. One click away from additional information – VEK Online Service Now, with our online service, you can get more company information. For example, it is now possible to see reports about the historical background from companies, products and services, look for career opportunities, see product videos, ask of quotations (offers), and much more. See the company profiles in our new online edition "OEM & Supplier 2/2019" at www.oemundlieferant.de o r www.klock-medienpartner.de. Also, use your cursor to click on the online service buttons. You will immediately receive additional information about the corresponding companies. by VEK Publishing Stay informed about Thomas with our Web-App: Just scan the QR code and browse! Thomas Magnete GmbH Innomotion Park 3 57562 Herdorf Phone +49 2744 929-0 Fax +49 2744 929-290 info@thomas-magnete.com www.thomas-magnete.com Advertisement Thomas Magnete GmbH is a leading manufacturer of electromagnetic actuators for the automotive, mobile hydraulics, and other hi-tech branches of industry like the medical technology sector. Metering pumps, proportional valves, and proportional solenoids are some of its key product ranges. The core competence of Thomas Magnete GmbH lies in the design and development of new actuators and system solutions to meet the most complex customer needs. The company currently employs nearly 900 people. Online-Service About Thomas 164