OEM & Lieferant Ausgabe 2/2019 - OEM & Supplier 2/2019 by VEK Publishing

144 Master forming instead of forming, injecting plastic instead of bending sheet metal: the approach developed by Brose and Plastic Om- nium makes new side door geometries pos- sible. A hybrid construction made of plastics and strategically positioned metal reinforce- ments paired with a plastic panel painted in the body color replace the conventional door structure made of metal. Using the most suit- able material in just the right place ensures high door stiffness and safety in the event of a crash. The new concept provides latitude that enables OEMs to use new designs and distinguish themselves from the competition. It also leverages potential for improvements in aerodynamics: for example, integrated rear mirrors, the elimination of the need for handles, seamless window transitions and air ducts to the wheel housing built directly in the door all make the car more aerodynamic. This reduces energy consumption, cuts emissions and increases vehicle range. The collaboration between the two fami- ly-owned companies combines their respec- tive specialist knowledge and technologies. Plastic Omnium contributes its Intelligent Exterior Systems division’s expertise in the fields of functional design and manu- facturing painted exterior body parts from plastic. Brose has decades of experience in developing and manufacturing vehicle door technology. The mechatronics specialist’s door systems unite all of the most import- ant components, such as window regulators, locks and electronics in a single door system, which reduces weight and dramatically sim- plifies assembly processes. Complete doors, just-in-sequence This highly integrative approach is also used for the complete door the companies jointly developed. It includes all of the desired com- ponents from the closure system all the way to the side door drive. This enables an entirely novel manufacturing process: after measuring the individual body-in-white, the doors are precisely adjusted at the supplier’s location and delivered to the OEM’s line just-in-se- quence. Options for the scope of delivery in- clude interior trim – leveraging the integration potential makes the door considerably lighter and more affordable. Most of all, the new as- sembly concept offers advantages for new manufacturers and production facilities: they no longer need to build up the expertise and capacities required for side door production, Images: © PLASTIC OMNIUM Intelligent Exterior Systems Innovations The door to the future By Dr. Marcus Klopp, Vice President Advanced Development Door Modules Brose Group, and Stephan Starost, Director Test and System Integration Door Modules Brose Group What domanufacturers’ futuristic vehicle studies have in common? They are electrically powered and offer automated vehicle functions alongwith high levels of comfort and convenience – but above all, their appearance differs drastically from that of current models. The catch: metal forming properties often limit progressive design possibilities. Brose and Plastic Omnium are tackling this challenge with an entirely new concept for hybrid side doors made of plastic and metal. Unprecedented design freedom is just one of the many advantages of this concept.