OEM & Lieferant Ausgabe 2/2019 - OEM & Supplier 2/2019 by VEK Publishing

136 IT and Automotive The EATB – a faster way of combing through mass data An efficiency-enhancing tool for developers and quality management Andreas Klegraf is responsible for the Enterprise Data Analytics Toolbox in the Product Management Integration and User Experience unit at ETAS GmbH The Enterprise Data Analytics Toolbox (EATB) quickly identifies key points in vast sets of measured data and performs statistical analyses. It also generates reports with compelling graphics for instant use in presentations given for management or customers. These time-saving features are a significant advantage to developers in their demanding daily work. Take, for example, a usage scenario involving a recently road-tested new brake system. Sev- eral terabytes of measured data were loaded to a server. The next step is to start the work- flow that the brake designer has come to know and appreciate. The designer opens the ETAS Enterprise Data Analytics Toolbox (EATB), selects a template with predefined criteria for assessment, and runs the analysis. The program soon identifies all points in this vast set of measured data where parameters need to be adjusted, and generates an interactive graphical report. The EATB visualizes statistical analyses for both physical and computed signals. It also displays the timeline and threshold events where values exceed the limits. A traffic light provides a clear indication of the status. Green means the calibration is good to go, with no need to take further action. Yellow indicates variance within a certain range of the thresh- old. Red indicates a deviation extending be- yond the threshold value. The data are evaluated automatically at the touch of a button, in a fraction of the time re- quired for manual analysis. This key function of the EATB addresses the needs of applica- tion and validation engineers, project man- agers, and quality assurance teams. They all receive reliable insight into measured data in a minimum of time, which is a big advantage considering the short development lead times and increasing volume of data in today’s devel- opment environment. This report is a great help to the developer, who can then view and edit functions at the parameter level in the Measure Data Analyzer (MDA). Now in its eighth generation, this ETAS tool delivers even higher performance. With this combination of preliminary analysis and focused deep dive, the engineer is able towork quickly, yet with great precision. The generated reports are flexibly configu- rable. Another great advantage is that they Image/Graphic: © ETAS GmbH