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130 eMobility Optimized Thermal Management System FIP: space-optimized connectors and high-performance multilayer conduits By Thorsten Desch, Business Unit Manager Thermal Management, Fränkische Industrial Pipes GmbH & Co. KG Newmultilayer conduits and connectors expand the thermal management system of FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP) for electric and hybrid vehicles, and their sensitive batteries. Thanks to its customized solutions for ther- mal management of vehicles and batteries, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes offers sup- port to its customers from the automotive segment. In close cooperation with OEMs and tier1 suppliers, the automotive provider devel- ops individual cooling systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. To this end, FIP has a broad range of me- dium-conducting products at its disposal that – in addition to flexible corrugated and smooth conduit systems – also encompasses connectors and plug systems with sensors, customer-specific distributors and functional components, as well as abrasion protection products. “Our specifically adapted solutions, particularly optimized in terms of installa- tion space, weight and cost, form the basis for flexible and customized mobility systems of the future,” says Thorsten Desch, Head of the Thermal Management Business Unit at FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes. New Multilayer Conduits for More Customer Benefit Thanks to its new multilayer conduits, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes ensures higher customer benefit of its thermal management system: As compared to the previously used polyamide (PA) 12, the new material is more cost-efficient and has better properties. In ad- dition to this, the newly developed multilayer conduits are particularly resistant to hydroly- sis, and thus far less permeable towater vapor. They are available in all common dimensions. In comparison with rubber or metal solutions, FIP plastic conduits are particularly convincing due to their low system weight and small wall thickness. Besides, these highly flexible cor- rugated conduits make complex, individually designed geometries possible. Space-Optimized FIP Connectors Quick-Connectors guarantee easy and reliable connections of pipe systems in thermal man- agement, matched to long lifetime and war- ranty in electric and hybrid vehicles. Products by FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes save space, time during installation, and thus costs. Ow- ing to the additionally integrated functions such as sensors or anti-rotation fixtures, the new VDA- and SAE-standard connectors are adapted to the needs of FIP customers, and exactly adjusted to the respective conduits. The newly developed connectors for thermal management boast superb connection relia- bility. Yet, they can be released and re-used easily. A special solution that optimally uses confined installation spaces is a shortened variant. The new Safe-lock connectors are particularly se- cure: They are based on the SAE models, and additionally feature an extra interlock and an insertion safety device. Easy-to-Install Thermal Management FIP thermal management systems are individ- ually adjusted to the respective vehicle model, and ensure the ideal temperature of the en- gine, power electronics and the interior. Above all, this applies to the temperature of the sen- sitive batteries: Due to this, they are protected from damage by excessive heat or cold, and their performance remains preserved over the required service life. The easy-to-install and weight-saving sys- tem consists of lightweight structural com- ponents, features additional functions, and optimally uses the construction space avail- able. Thanks to special materials, the temper- ature regulation boasts superior mechanical properties, is resistant to a great number of chemical substances, and is less sensitive to hydrolysis. The automotive supplier now extends its range of products and includes high-performance multilayer conduits and user-friendly connectors – ideally adjusted to batteries, installation situations and the respective customer wishes. FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes Thermal Management https://bit.ly/32ELzHk Website Image: © FRÄNKISCHE INDUSTRIAL PIPES/FIP FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes (FIP) includes high-performance multilayer conduits made of particularly hydrolysis-resistant material in its thermal management system.