OEM&Lieferant Ausgabe 2/2018 / OEM&Supplier Edition 2/2018

126 Current challenges Work in production halls is presently under- going a change. The reason for that is the in- creasingly global competition and changed market demand. Product life cycles are becom- ing shorter. That is also true for the automotive sector, of course. Alternating model series require quick and flexible solutions. However, lightweight construction, the tech- nology of today and tomorrow to save ma- terial and energy, also demands for expert knowledge. Especially the automotive industry cannot do without them: modern lightweight concepts. On the contrary. Not only do they considerably improve vehicle dynamics, but they also help to reduce emissions. Light- weight construction continues to be essential for future cars and is also important for e-mo- bility. Key technologies for lightweight construction Though, lightweight construction also sets high standards for multi-material concepts thus requiring innovative fastening tech- nologies. With many of its technologies, Böllhoff already addresses modern body con- struction with distinctive material combination today. They offer a great potential of produc- tive solutions providing key technologies for mechanical fastening. One of those, the self- pierce riveting technology with semi-tubular rivets, RIVSET Automation EH, allows to join lightweight materials as well as high-strength steels at very short process times. The material components do not require pre-drilling or pre- punching. In one step, the semi-tubular rivet punches through the top material layers and in the bottom material layer forms an undercut and also the characteristic locking head. This process convinces by relatively high dynamic and quasi-static strengths and high reproduci- bility. It is also easy to automate. For this system, the focus is on functionality, variability and design. With a long life at maxi- mum availability and minimum maintenance, this is the foundation for a successful produc- tion. Böllhoff permanently pursues the further development and thus always has the answer to current industry trends. In close cooperation with KUKA, Böllhoff has developed an automated and flexible turnkey solution. Harmonised, pre-configured systems which require only little preparation and are easy to operate are the result. Both parties contributed their know-how of the automotive sector and with their specific expertise in the robot and joining technologies launched a com- petitive product: the ready2_rivet package. “Application-oriented solutions which our cus- tomers benefit from for global competition should always be developed in cooperation with a system partner,” Burkhard Stimmel from KUKA explains. Horst Wittop from Böllhoff is also sure, “With KUKA, we were able to realise perfectly matching components.” Ready2_rivet: The ideal self-pierce riveting solution for applications in body-in-white construction Industry-specific, industry-tested and immedi- ately ready to use: that is the ready2_rivet package. The robot is a KUKA Quantec-series robot, same as the robot control. This KUKA KR C4 convinces by worldwide compatibility: It func- tions reliably at different voltages and network configurations and also in extremely cold, hot or humid surroundings. It understands 25 languages – among them also the important Asian languages – and fulfils all relevant international ISO and US standards. Böllhoff supplies the technology for self-pierce riveting RIVSET. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing production environments. Due to Two experts, one goal. Böllhoff and KUKA put the automation of self-pierce riveting processes in a nutshell. By Annette Löwen, Teamleader Marketing, Böllhoff Verbindungstechnik GmbH Böllhoff, one of the leading international providers of fastening and assembly technologies, and KUKA, one of the leading international providers of automated production and assembly solutions, decided to embark on a new cooperation and jointly develop a project: the ready2_rivet package. Images: © Böllhoff Group Böllhoff and KUKA put the automation of self-pierce riveting processes in a nutshell. Products and Markets