OEM&Lieferant Ausgabe 2/2018 / OEM&Supplier Edition 2/2018

Load machine Power measurement system (e.g. AVL X-ion™) Base measurement system Cooling conditioning for inverter and e-motor Climatic chamber AVL differentiates between three types of e-drive test system: They are used for research and development, or for endurance testing, or end-of-line testing. This article mainly deals with R&D test sys- tems. In research and development, a prerequi- site is a load machine with excellent speed con- trol, which is required, for example, to be able to measure the torque ripple of synchronous drives at low and high speeds. The instrumen- tation (in particular the power measurement device) also plays a decisive role. The power measurement system AVL X-ion™ measures AC and DC voltages and currents and uses the values to calculate the power of the e-motor and inverter. In order to optimize an e-drive system, it is necessary to measure the harmonic oscilla- tions of current and torque as well as the power to be able to calculate their contribu- tion. They usually not only contribute to useful power but also cause losses in the form of heat. They are also partially responsible for vi- brations and noise. These harmonics need to be specifically detected. Only then can the simulated and measured effects be compared, and the efficiency of the e-drive system be op- timized, for example by slightly modifying the design. A huge advantage can be gained by recording the raw data for later analysis. This permits the analysis and development of remedies to combat phenomena such as DC voltage ripple, AC voltage peaks and currents, the effect of inverter switching on operating behavior, torque ripple, losses and the excitation of vi- brations. A well-optimized e-drive system requires less cooling, consumes less energy from the battery and thus increases vehicle range. AVL Electric Motor Test Systems www.avl.com/-/avl-electric- motor-test-syst-1 Measurement task of a power measurement system Website In this age of autonomous driving, companies must continuously commit more and more resources to development and validation. It is becoming more important by the day to integrate electron- ic systems into cars efficiently – without compromising on func- tionality, safety, or quality. ETAS’ open and scalable solutions are the right choice, especially if you are open to efficient develop- ment. Our experts support you throughout the entire process starting with consulting and design, then testing and validation, right up through integrating the software on PCs, in the lab, and in the car. See for yourself at www.etas.com/solutions Open to Anything – Except Compromise