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91 this feat by optimizing the structural rigidity of the plastic parts, using alternative materials and applying state-of-the-art simulation methods. To achieve the required air output, Brose uses a modular system with different drives, fan wheels and shrouds. The sickle shape of the fan blades ensures high module efficiency and extremely quiet acoustics. The heart of the module is the brushless drive that powers the fan wheel. This ensures highly efficient operation with low power consumption and minimal noise levels. The integrated, electronic control unit for variable speed control ensures reliability and long service life. Expanded system expertise The Brose product portfolio ranges from modules with 300 to 1,200 watts of power, making it suitable for everything from subcompact cars to heavy SUVs. Depending on the required performance, individual modules with single fans or dual modules with two blowers are available. They can be installed both in the front end as well as in the front wheel housings. As a system supplier, Brose is always working on expanding its product range. In addition to the conventional cooling fan module, Brose develops and manufactures variants with integrated heat exchangers and decoupling elements. This means that OEMs receive a component with an optimum thermal and acoustic design. Potential for future innovations Efficient thermal management also plays a vital role in e-mobility, as it is crucial for battery performance and vehicle range. Unlike vehicles with internal combustion engines, the cooling fan is mainly active when battery-electric cars are stationary: it keeps the battery the right temperature while it charges. Brose is working on new fan concepts that are not only significantly more efficient, but also run more quietly than conventional variants. Another aspect Brose is focusing on is the use of sustainable materials. Incorporating recycled plastics can help further reduce the carbon footprint of these products without sacrificing quality or functionality. Brose Group The requirements for cooling fan modules vary depending on the vehicle type and application. In addition to cooling the internal combustion engine, the fan is also responsible for enabling heat to dissipate from the air conditioning system’s capacitor or gas cooler. In electric vehicles, fans must also keep the battery operating at the ideal temperature. Brose is the world market leader for this product. The family-owned company produces around twelve million cooling fan modules annually for virtually every car manufacturer worldwide. Lighter, more compact and more efficient Brose has continued to further develop these cooling fan modules by steadily reducing both their weight and size while simultaneously boosting performance. The current generation is about ten percent lighter than its predecessor. Brose accomplished An acoustic chamber is used to test the cooling fan module’s noise characteristics.