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84 IT and Automotive New Demands Being Made on the Vehicle Communication Interface In recent years, diagnostics has taken on more and more new tasks in this area, which come into play in the various phases of the vehicle life cycle. These include, for example, testing communication with other bus subscribers, analyzing the exchanged data and checking the ECU against its specification. The display of current measurement values and the parame- terization of the ECUs with their variants are also central tasks in diagnostics. In addition, individual test sequences can be created and executed via ECU diagnostics. Accordingly, a VCI is now expected to do considerably more than “just” read and reset the error memory. The All-in-One Solution: VIN|ING 2000 In response to these requirements, Softing Automotive developed the multipurpose vehicle interface VIN| ING 2000, which is characterized by its compact design with an integrated diagnostic connector and com- prehensive communication options. CAN/FD, K-line and Ethernet (DoIP) are supported for data exchangewith the ECU; the connection to host and tester systems is possible via WLAN, Ethernet and USB. High-performance compo- nents and the modular software architecture mean it can be used with an external diag- nostic computer but it can also process entire diagnostic tasks locally without a connection to a host system. VIN| ING 2000 is designed for use cases throughout the entire vehicle life cycle. During vehicle engineering, it is suit- able for the development and release of ECU diagnostics or programming on the test bench. In manufacturing, it offers adequate and ma- ture mechanisms for integration into a WLAN network, extensive power management, and triggering of data exchange based on different conditions. In the case of after-sales service, VIN| ING 2000 excels thanks to its sturdy and compact design as well as the support of cur- rent vehicle interfaces in combination with old systems. Further VIN| ING 2000 use case scenarios, which will gain in significance in the future, include the integration of experts from any location via remote access and the auto- nomously operated recording of diagnostic and bus data during a road test. Data pre-processing and protocol handling directly in the VCI enable secured timing, en- terprise authentication with certificates leads to the best possible WLAN security, and USB and LAN cables with magnetic holders are available for cable connection. High-Performance Flash Programming Since ECUs today almost universally have flash memory, the support of high-perfor- mance flash programming tailored to the specific use case is an important advantage of VIN| ING 2000. This means that pre-con- figured ECUs can be dispensed with in manu- facturing, and the software that exactly matches the vehicle can always be loaded into the ECU. If new versions of the ECU software are available after the vehicle has been de- livered, for example to close safety-relevant gaps or improve performance, the new soft- ware version can be safely installed on one or more ECUs at the same time using VIN| ING 2000. This update can even take place regard- less of the time and location. VIN| ING 2000 thus makes a new generation of vehicle interfaces available. It offers a wide range of applications and also ideally covers future requirements. Ready for the Future VIN | ING 2000 is an Innovative Leap Forward in ECU Access By Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Sirch, Product Manager for VCIs, Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH, Haar Vehicle Communication Interfaces (VCIs) are the central component when it comes to tester systems accessing the electronic control units (ECUs) that perform a wide range of control and regulation tasks in modern vehicles, including diagnostic functionality. Graphic: © Softing Automotive Softing Automotive https://automotive.softing.com Websites VIN| ING 2000 Diagnostic Interface https://t1p.de/uxzd S H A R E VIN| ING 2000 is the ideal vehicle interface for a whole range of use case scenarios Stand-alone Remote Diagnos tic I nterface Smart Interface Minitester Diag-System PRJ APP Diag-System PRJ Diag-System PRJ With it´s core areas of expertise – diagnostics and testing – Softing‘s Automotive segment is all about key technologies in automotive electronics as well as closely related areas of the vehicle industry (e.g. in the commercial or agricultural vehicle sectors). Softing Auto- motive is your specialist for the entire lifecycle of electronic control units and overall systems, from engineering through manufacturing to af ter-sales service. Our portfolio comprises hardware and software products, customized solutions as well as on-site consulting and engineering services. Softing Automotive