OEM&Lieferant Ausgabe 1/2019

107 Böllhoff Group  www.boellhoff.com Website What does that mean exactly? With a minimum number of base frames, the new C-frame modular kit guarantees a maxi- mum number of setting tool variants. Thanks to its bionic basic structure, it furthermore improves the joint quality because opening is almost parallel. Another plus: it is a real lightweight in the field of setting tools. It almost goes without saying that Böllhoff as a fastening technology expert not only examines the demand for lightweight construction with respect to joining special lightweight components, but also with re- spect toweight optimisation for the peripheral equipment of the joining process. The result is rather impressive. Reduced to the essential, the new feeder al- lows the combination of Single, Twin and Tri- ple feed variants with only one extension kit. Trained personnel can easily implement such technology on site. Innovative industries need innovative partners For modern production systems, production planning and control are also of great impor- tance for defining and optimising manufactur- ing processes. Such requirements have also given new impulse to Böllhoff as an expert in self-pierce riveting technology. In cooperation with our customers, we elaborate new con- cepts, such as a software-based workflow to plan and handle the procurement of process devices. Transparent and project-specific data and information are thus guaranteed. Another example is an intelligent delivery concept based on the modular design of Böllhoff com- ponents. Time-critical machine components are separated from non-time-critical compo- nents. Those are only two concepts that are very useful contributions to a flexible and equally efficient production and procurement planning. An additional service package including the service of a specialised maintenance team for optimum maintenance of the process ma- chines completes our range of services. The team provides significant support for smooth and trouble-free production. That’s Böllhoff: fasteners and joining tools for self-pierce riveting come from a single source – perfect conditions to continue to stand out as a solution specialist for innovative industries in the future. Company Profile ETAS GmbH Borsigstraße 24 70469 Stuttgart Germany Phone +49 711 3423-0 sales.de@etas.com www.etas.com ETAS We excel in providing innovative solutions that drive the develop- ment of embedded systems for the automotive industry and related sectors. As a systems provider, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of integrated tools and tool solutions as well as engineering services, consulting, training, and support. International presence ETAS now has more than 1,400 associates working in 12 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Our customers Our customers represent a cross- section of the global automotive industry and related sectors. They include automakers, automotive component suppliers, ECU suppliers, and engineering service providers. Market challenges – ETAS solutions The automotive industry is under- going fundamental change. New, energy-efficient vehicle powertrains, (partially) autonomous driving, digitalization, connectivity, and cyber security – the list of innovations has never been so long. At the same time, new systems must be brought to market faster. Key technologies are electronics and software, which is exactly where ETAS’ strengths lie. With our expert knowledge and the right tools, we enable the develop- ment of safety-relevant software. The increasing connectivity of vehicle electronics requires protection against unauthorized access. The ETAS subsidiary ESCRYPT consequently offers holistic solutions for embed- ded security, operational technology security, and enterprise IT security. Advertisement Company Profile Faurecia Automotive GmbH Nordsehler Straße 38 31655 Stadthagen Germany Phone +49 5721 702-0 Fax +49 5721 702-370 E-mail: info@faurecia.com www.faurecia.com About Faurecia Founded in 1997, Faurecia has grown to become a major player in the global automotive industry. With around 300 sites including 35 R&D centers and 115,000 employees in 37 coun- tries, Faurecia is now a global leader in its three areas of business: Seating, Interiors and Clean Mobility. Faurecia has focused its technology strategy on providing solutions for “Cockpit of the Future” and “Sustainable Mobility”. For more information, please visit www.faurecia.com Facts and figures In 2018, the Group posted sales of €17.5 billion. Faurecia is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange and is a component of the CAC Next 20 index. Products As one of the world‘s leading auto- motive suppliers, Faurecia provides all market segments and model versions worldwide with products of the Business Groups Seating, Interiors and Clean Mobility – from compact to premium- class cars. Among its customers are Audi, BMW, Ford, Renault-Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche and Volkswagen. Facebook www.facebook.com/FaureciaGroup LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/faurecia Twitter www.twitter.com/Faurecia YouTube www.youtube.com/user/faurecia Advertisement