OEM&Lieferant Ausgabe 1/2018

118 Fast, precise, stable “Because cast iron is difficult to handle, de- signing the system was also a challenge for us. However, with YASKAWA’s MOTOMAN robots MH12 and MH5, the respective DX200 controls and the MotoPlus SDK software to coordinate the camera, we succeeded in de- signing the feed system so that at the end only high-quality parts arrive at the turning centres for machining,” explains David Reinmold. “We built a highly flexible system with higher pro- ductivity. It operates very fast, with highest precision and stability, and requires less oper- ating personnel.” At the time of placing the order, the customer specified that the system should be equipped with YASKAWA handling robots. One of the reasons for this was the good price-perfor- mance relationship of Yaskawa products; the other was that exclusively YASKAWA robots had hitherto been used throughout the plant, and the employees had already been trained to use them. Summary Thanks to HK-CON’s complete installation for metal cutting, Austrian malleable cast fittings manufacturer Georg Fischer GmbH was able to replace three old machines. For smooth running production it is important that only absolutely immaculate components be delivered to the turning centres. With the YASKAWA MOTOMAN robots (two MH12 and two MH5 models) the DX200 controller and the MotoPlus interface for coordination of the cameras, the installation achieves precise results with extremely short cycle times. In addition, the system is highly flexible: a total of 35 different final products can be manu- factured. n HK-CON Maschinenbau GmbH www.hk-con.de YASKAWA Europe GmbH www.yaskawa.eu.com Websites Björn Matern Sales GI Robots & Products Digital BusinessCard The system includes a bunker for bulk goods and a feeding bench for special parts which are fed on pallets already in the correct orientation. The installation can be operated either on two sides by mass feeding, or on one side with special parts. It was critical that only absolutely immaculate parts be fed to the cutting machine, a task assigned to the four YASKAWA MOTOMAN robots – two MH12 and two MH5 models – working in concert with the DX200 high-performance controls.