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18 Dr. Wagner, the products from the U-SIL series are among the successful prod- ucts made by your company. Due to its flawless optical properties and extreme media resistance, this coating can also be found on the trim strips used by most well- known German and international vehicle manufacturers. But this product series has more to offer, you say? Dr. Wagner: “Absolutely. The topics of ener- gy efficiency and CO2 savings are current- ly becoming eminently important. And our U-SIL coatings can make an enormous con- tribution to this.” A coating that helps save energy? How exactly does it work? Dr. Wagner: “Our coatings not only have an outstanding easy-to-clean effect and pro- vide lasting surface protection. We also fo- cus on functional coatings. U-SIL has been contributing to the protection of our environ- ment worldwide for many years. This U-SIL coating has been used on industrial heat ex- changers worldwide for well over 10 years. The coating ensures that heat exchangers in fan-operated systems are maintenance-free. Uncoated heat exchangers must be profes- sionally cleaned on a regular basis while U-SIL coated heat exchangers do not get dirty.” How U-SIL products by NTC Nano Tech Coatings help to reduce costs and CO2 emissions Interview with Dr. Georg Wagner, Executive Managing Director, NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH It is no longer possible to imagine technological progress without nanocoatings. Nano Coatings protect surfaces and materials, improve product characteristics, and can even take over functions. In our conversation, Dr. Georg Wagner, the inventor of FUSCO®-Technology at NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH in Tholey in Saarland, focused on another very interesting aspect of nano coatings which is currently also of great interest to the automotive industry. Images: © NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH Share Summary Wie die U-SIL Produktreihe von NTC Nano Tech Coatings hilft, Kosten und CO2 Emissionen zu senken Interview mit Dr. Georg Wagner, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH Nanobeschichtungen sind für den tech- nologischen Fortschritt nicht mehr weg- zudenken. Sie schützen Oberflächen und Materialien, verbessern Produkt- eigenschaften und können sogar Funk- tionen übernehmen. Dr. Georg Wagner, der Erfinder der FUSCO®-Technologie bei NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH im saarländischen Tholey, hat in unserem Gespräch … Weiterlesen What does that have to do with energy consumption and CO2 emissions? Dr. Wagner: “Contaminated heat exchang- ers require more energy to operate as efficiently as a new or clean unit. As con- tamination increases, so do the energy requirements. More energy consumption leads to increased CO2 emissions.” This sounds conclusive, but can you prove this statement that U-SIL helps save energy? Dr. Wagner: “A long-term study was already carried out 15 years ago by a well-known client. This company is a world leader in the field of control cabinets with fan-cooled systems. This study proved the self-cleaning effect of our coating for the first time. Since then, U-SIL has been successfully applied in this field worldwide. One of the results showed that conventional heat exchangers that were contaminated consumed up to 30% more energy than U-SIL coated ones, therefore causing approx. 30% higher CO2 emissions.” Do you also have clients in the automotive sector for this technology? Dr. Wagner: “Successful tests were already carried out a few years ago, but at that time From the left: Executive Managing Director Dr. Wagner, Paint Laboratory Technician Till Bialek Heat Exchanger with U-SIL coating the cost pressure was still too high to go into serial production. Unfortunately, energy effi- ciency did not always play the important role it does today. We are already actively looking for new partners and I think the time is now ripe to also use our pioneering coating in the automotive sector.” Thank you for this interview. NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH