autoregion international 2/2020 - Greater Region Mobility Innovation

16 NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH A twenty-year success story Since it was founded in 2000, NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH of Tholey in Saarland has transformed into a globally successful company that develops coatings with highly specific properties for awide variety of industrial requirements. All NTC coatings are based on FUSCO tech- nology, which forms the foundation of all its products. This is a further development of sol-gel technology, which ensures a particu- larly stable, fusion-like bonding for substrates and coatings. The famous Eiffel Bridge in Gi- rona and numerous state-of-the-art industrial products have FUSCO coatings. To celebrate the company’s 20th birthday in September 2020, we talked to the company’s founder and owner, Dr. Georg Wagner. Dr. Wagner, your coatings are already widely used in the aviation and automo- tive industries, even though you and your company are comparatively new arrivals to the market. What do you think is the reason for your success over your compet- itors? Dr. Wagner: “Our expertise in individually tai- loring our FUSCO coatings to individual needs (even in specific niche areas) is definitely a crucial factor for customers. In addition, our customers are won over by the excellent pro- tective function, other functional properties, and of course the visual quality of our coatings.” Which segments of the automotive indus- try currently feature your products? Dr. Wagner: “Some of these are niche areas that are nevertheless hugely important for the automotive sector. They include coatings for aluminium or anodised aluminium exterior attachment parts, magnesium operating el- ements, cast aluminium engine components, stainless steel attachment parts, and alumin- ium heat exchangers.” What trends do you expect to see in cars of the future? Dr. Wagner: “We believe that magnesiumwill play an increasingly major role in automobile manufacture in the future. We are therefore already undertaking intensive research into needs-based solutions for various future ve- hicle parts. Recently, we have been tacking the challenges of cars with electric propulsion. As well as corrosion protection for engine com- ponents, electrically insulating properties are often also required.” How important are environmental issues to you? Dr. Wagner: “We are aware of our respon- sibilities, and incorporate environmental protection factors rather than just cost-ef- fectiveness to develop coatings and coating processes that are more environmentally friendly than conventional offerings. Some processes are so simple (and thus environ- mentally friendly) that they are not permitted in Germany, because outdated, environmen- tally harmful methods are supported by a powerful lobby. New technologies could be implemented in products significantly more quickly.” Thanks for the conversation. Images: © NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH Dr. Georg Wagner, founder and principal shareholder of NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH. Turbocharger coated with FUSCO® coating by NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH. NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH: Eine 20-Jährige Erfolgsgeschichte Die NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH aus dem saarländischen Tholey hat sich seit der Gründung im Jahr 2000 zu einem weltweit erfolgreichen Unternehmen entwickelt, das Beschichtungen mit hochspezifischen Eigenschaften für ver- schiedenste industrielle Anforderungen entwickelt. Basis aller NTC Beschichtungen ist die FUSCO-Technologie, die allen Produkten zugrunde liegt. Es handelt sich dabei um eineWeiterentwicklung der Sol-Gel Tech- nologie, die dafür sorgt, dass Untergrund und Beschichtung eine besonders stabile, fusionsähnliche Verbindung eingehen … Weiterlesen … Summary S H A R E