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14 NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH Protect and improve metal surfaces Interview with Authorised Officer Jennifer Forster-Weis of NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH from Tholey in Saarland is a world-leading company for innovative coating systems. Its invention of FUSCO ® technology, a further development to the sol-gel process that ensures a particularly stable, fusion-like bond between the substrate and the coating, has won it prestigious clients all over the world. The brilliant mind behind these pioneering products is founder Dr. Georg Wagner. His skills are also valued highly by various com- mittees and research associations. The other driving force behind the company’s success is his right-hand woman, Authorised Officer Jennifer Forster-Weis. In a short interview, we talked to her about the automotive sector, for which she is responsible. Ms. Forster-Weis, what makes NTC Nano Tech Coatings a valuable partner for cli- ents from the automotive industry? In principle, anyone looking for highly func- tional surface coatings will definitely come across our company. Our reputation for func- tional coatings precedes us – developing and producing quick and easy solutions at the highest levels of quality in a very short time frame. We are able to fulfil all client requests and wishes relating to functional surface coat- ings quickly and precisely. Our laboratory staff all have special training in the coatings sector and experience in quickly finding the right solution for you. FUSCO ® coatings offer uniquely flexible functionality. What functionality and properties are particularly in demand? The functions and properties of our coatings vary depending on where they are being used, and range from pure corrosion protection through to high levels of resistance to acids and alkalis. Once a product has been successfully de- veloped and implemented, what further support do clients receive? We of course support our clients beyond the actual sale of the product. We remain in con- stant contact with all clients, and can also adapt and alter existing products if the client requires. It is striking that NTC employs a comparatively young team across all departments. Is this what makes the products so progressive, and does that apply to the company as a whole? We are indeed a remarkably young team, but also a very innovative one. For example, some of our rather unconventional developments have produced results that you might not per- haps expect from conventional coating chem- istry. Many of our employees are also car fans. Each new area of application is tackled with huge interest, seeking solutions to enable im- plementation. What are the challenges posed by the cur- rent upheaval in the automotive industry, and how is the company responding to them? We are working in parallel to research and de- velop new areas of application with new func- tions for our coatings. E-mobility also plays a major role here. Which suppliers and areas of the automo- tive sector to you generally view as pro- viding significant opportunities for use of your FUSCO ® coatings? There are no specific areas. Anything within the automotive sector that involves metal surfaces could be protected or even improved with our functional surface coatings. Anyone interested in learning more should feel free to contact us. Getting in touch personally and seeing our unconventional approach to our cli- ents’ tasks has already convinced many people to start working with us. Thank you very much for this interview, Ms. Forster-Weis. Images: © NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH Jennifer Forster-Weis Turbocharger coated with FUSCO® coating by NTC NANO TECH COATINGS GmbH. NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH Metalloberflächen schützen und verbessern Ein Interview mit Prokuristin Jennifer Forster-Weis von NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH Die NTC Nano Tech Coatings GmbH aus Tholey im Saarland gehört weltweit zu den führenden Unternehmen mit inno- vativen Beschichtungssystemen. Als Erfinder der FUSCO ® -Technologie, einer Weiterentwicklung des Sol-Gel Prozes- ses, die dafür sorgt, dass Untergrund und Beschichtung eine besonders stabile, fusionsähnliche Verbindung eingehen, konnten sie weltweit namhafte Kunden gewinnen. Der kluge Kopf hinter den zu- kunftsweisenden Produkten ist Gründer Dr. Georg Wagner … Weiterlesen … Summary S H A R E