autoregion international - Edition 1/2020

47 The XiM20 interior is designed to enable the use of two distinct zones: the bright, airy front of the concept car and the more co- coon-like rear, offering lounge seating and privacy. Controls for the interior environ- ment are accessible on the Smart Interior Surface Panel (SIS table) located at the front of the vehicle or can be accessed via a smartphone application. The front area is designed as an observa- tion space, offering comfortable, func- tional seating with an uninterrupted 180 degree view through the curvedwindshield. This zone is reminiscent of a cafe or coffee house bar, pressed up against a glass win- dow to allow passengers to feel connected with the world around them while enjoying their journey. Features of this zone include the control surface on the genuine wood table top, the so-called SIS table, which is easily reachable and enables passengers to start their journey and control functions such as temperature, acoustics, UV sur- face disinfection and navigation systems. When the control surface is not in use, the decorative natural wood surface remains visible. In order to disinfect surfaces which are frequently touched by changing pas- sengers between journeys, a UV frequency light sweeps over the interior of the XiM20. Never-Forget Storage makes it impossible for forget items Storage spaces and bins recognize forgot- ten belongings, alerting passengers with a series of notifications directing them to the stored item. A better sound experience tailored to each passenger is provided by Noveto Smart Audio. This innovation re- sulting from the alliance of our company and Noveto Systems Ltd., uses sound sensors, transducers and software to lo- cate and track the passenger’s position and deliver high-quality individual sound. The key feature: the sound can be enjoyed without the use of headphones andwithout disturbing others. Unlike traditional direc- tional sound technology, this technology from Noveto works seamlessly within con- fined spaces, which makes it an ideal solu- tion for use within automobiles. Forget your daily routine in the rear zone The rear zone of the XiM20 offers secluded comfort where passengers can retreat from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. The rearmimics the cozy atmosphere of a booth, with a soft fabric surrounding and integrated technology designed to complement passengers’ moods and pref- erences. With Active Space this retreat is equipped with a unique combination of sensors for the interior and the integrated display technology which were developed together with our partner IEE. These en- able interaction between the passengers and their environment and provide enter- tainment, communication and atmosphere. Narrow air vents ensure a feeling of well-being and the right climate during the journey. Innovative vanes and air flow con- trol allow vents to be a fraction of their con- ventional surface area while still providing sufficient air flow and heating and cooling effects. Dynamic ambient lighting which mimics the play of light as it reflects and refracts in natural environments provides a pleasant atmosphere. However, entertainment and comfort are not the only main features of the XiM20. The vehicle has an eye-level display panel whose seamlessly integrated display provides information about the journey, navigation updates and messages for pas- sengers on reaching their destination, so that they can calmly prepare for their ar- rival and collect their personal items. The new mobility could hardly be more com- fortable. The Active Space in the XiM20 enables interaction between passengers and their surrounding interior environment for entertainment, communication, and ambience. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors YouTube